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LED Lights

In this day and age with the vast variety of LED lights available there is no place on a vehicle that cannot have a light installed to it. From grill, to fog, from front to rear, from license plate to windows we can help you design the right system for your vehicle. No project is too small !! Lights are available in all colors even green and purple!! New products are constantly announced by all our manufacturers.

Ghost Multi-Mount Light

The GHOST light eliminates flashback and deadened warning power from tinted windows with our new exterior Edge Mount for single and dual lights. Edge Mounting utilizes a unique u-bracket to mount the small inconspicuous lights to the hood or trunk edge on any type of vehicle. Pivotable light head aims the Extreme Angle output just where you need. GHOST lights are also perfect for Dodge Chargers because they snap right into the grille and are permanently attached with supplied Permanent Mount Screws or Automotive Grade 3M Tape. Lights meet or exceed SAE J595 requirements. 5 Year No Hassle Warranty.


  • Our innovation, mini LED GHOST lights practically disappear on the hood, grille or window of any type of vehicle.
  • Very versatile - can be used on cars, trucks, SUVs, buses, trailers in exterior or interior mounts.
  • GHOST Stop/Tail Red LED Mini Light with low power Steady Red Running Light. Once brake is applied light flashes 5 times and remains on at full power while brake is activated. Light ships with 3M Super Duty Adhesive mount & Permanent Mount.
  • Available with Black or White Housings.
  • Single or Dual Light options available in single or split colors (each light may be a split color if desired).
  • Features 33 Flash Patterns.
  • Made with 6 powerful Gen3 LEDs.
  • Low amp draw at 0.75 amps per module.
  • Optics designed for maximum, extreme angle output.
  • Light includes three versatile mounting options:
    1. Edge Mount Bracket (single or dual) mounts light to the lip of the hood of any vehicle
    2. Permanent Mount for any kind of exterior or interior application
    3. Adhesive Mount with 3M Automotive Grade tape secures the light in place without the use of drill holes.
  • Integrated Light Sync Technology so you can synchronize all your GHOST lights to flash simultaneously or alternating.
  • May be used with other SoundOff Signal Light Sync compatible lights.
  • Moisture and vibration resistant for heavy duty applications.
  • 10 - 30 volt for worldwide use.
  • Lights meet or exceed SAE J595 and CA Title 13 requirements.
  • 5 Year No Hassle Warranty.

Intersector Surface Mount Light

Introducing the first light of its kind.... the Intersector LED Under Mirror/Surface Mount light (patent pending). This light was designed to mount under the mirror of emergency vehicles to provide a critical intersection warning signal like no other light on the market. This powerful, small light provides 180 degrees of warning power to increase visibility at intersections for maximum safety for all motorists; emergency personnel and civilians alike. Powerful output, wide angle, specially designed optics & innovation... all the things you've come to expect from a SoundOff Signal product. Light has a 5 Year No Hassle Warranty & is certified for SAE J845 Class 1 at a 100 degree angle.

Benefits & Features:

  • NEW! Surface Mount option to provide additional side warning also available an optional Deck/Grille ("L") Bracket for a variety of mounts such as push bumpers
  • Durable Xylex lens resists rust, corrosion, and protects against harsh detergents - designed for use in European markets
  • New! 2013 Ford PI Sedad & Utility Adaptors for a custom fit on police vehicle mirrors
  • Awarded U.S. Design Patent No. D636,113 with other patents pending
  • Compact & bright, the light is designed to mount under the mirror, or can be surface mounted to any flat area.
  • First light of its kind to provide critical intersection warning signals on each side of the emergency vehicle.
  • Intense 180 degree output is maximized by the specially designed reflector that amplifies & throws the light at a perfect angle for intersection warning increasing officer safety & the safety of other motorists.
  • Building block design; use the included wedges & adaptors (view Passenger & Driver Side) to custom fit the light to your vehicle mirrors or surface mount installs
  • 0 degree wedge is recommended for flat surfaces
  • 5 degree wedge is recommended for use on Crown Vic, Impala, Charger & truck mirrors. (Crown Vic & Charger installations require use of adaptors).
  • 10 degree wedge is recommended for use on Tahoe & truck mirrors.
  • Made with 9 extremely bright Gen3 LEDs.
  • Ships with 1-light, 1-gasket, 1-inline flasher, 3-angle wedges & 2-curved surface adaptors with mounting hardware for installation ( view 1-light kit contents).
  • Certified for SAE J845 Class 1 at a 100 degree angle.
  • 5 Year No Hassle Warranty.

nFORCE LED Surface Mount Light

nFORCE is the only perimeter lighting product line on the market that can be specifically tailored to your unique requirements.

Benefits & Features:

  • nFORCE LED Surface Mount Light features new vehicle design integration
  • Single, Split, Dual and Tri-Color capability
  • 6,9,12 and 18 LED counts
  • Steady-burn white capability
  • US and foreign patents pending

mpower® Fascia 4"

mpower® Fascia is the first extremely compact, tri-color line of perimeter lighting on the market. Fascia's next generation design and mounting options allows the light to be integrated nearly anywhere on the vehicle.

Benefits & Features:

  • Dual and Tri-color capability
  • Ability to integrate visually into today's police vehicles
  • Collaboration with Dow Corning® to develop ClearDuty® optical design
  • ClearDuty® molded one-piece housing and optic design delivers advantages over conventional polycarbonate lenses
  • A smaller footprint with maximized candela output
  • Greater resistance to gravel pitting, scratching or cracking
  • Improved sealing to prevent water from entering light
  • Higher UV and thermal stability to prevent lens from yellowing over time

Mega Thin


  • Ultra Low-Profile Makes Them Perfect for Mounting Virtually Anywhere on a Vehicle
  • Curved End Optics for Better Off-Angle Performance
  • The Mega Thin LED is Available in Solid and Split Colors (6 LEDs) as well as a 12 LED MultiColor
  • Wiring is Very Similar to the MR6 and Chase Lights Making Installation Very Simple

Design Features:

  • 6 LED Single and Split Color Feature 29 Flash Patterns
  • 12 LED MultiColor Featuring 62 Flash Patterns
  • Amber, Blue, White, Green and Red LEDs Available in Solid, Split and MultiColor (Blue/Amber, Amber/White, Amber/Green, Red/Amber, Blue/White, Red/Blue, Red/White) Configurations
  • Electronics are Fully Encapsulated to Meet IP67 Standards
  • Black Die Cast Base/Polycarbonate Lens

6-Pack LED Hide-A-Blast

Small, economical 6 LED flasher for head lamps, tail lamps and many other applications. The flush mount 6 LED light comes with a black bezel frame standard. Chrome bezel is optional. The 6-Pack Hide-A-Blast also offers many versatile mounting options for the exterior of your vehicle.


  • High performance at a low cost provide very economical corner LED lighting for head and tail lamps
  • Black and chrome bezels allow attractive mounting around the perimeter of the vehicle for additional auxiliary lighting
  • Advanced design provides efficient operation, superior performance, reliability and long life
  • Wide Variety of Applications: Compact size makes it easy to install in a wide variety of head and tail lamp reflectors
  • Easy installation! No install screws needed, just pop it in a 1” mounting hole

Design Features:

  • 20 flash patterns (19 flashing, 1 off pattern)
  • 6 LEDs in Polycarbonate Clear Lens
  • Black Bezel included
  • LEDs Available in Red, Blue, Amber, White, Amber/White, Blue/Red, Red/White, Blue/White LED
  • Multiple HB Series LED Lights can be Connected Together and Operated from the Same Control Switch.
  • 15’ Cable

4-Pack LED Hide-A-Blast

With four 100,000 hour rated LEDs packed into a compact housing, the innovative 4-Pack LED Hide-A-Blast provides high intensity output (sold in pairs)


  • Ultra-slim, low profile and flush mount design make the units perfect for covert applications enabling you to transform your low profile vehicle into a high impact police cruiser at the flick of a switch
  • Ideal for external vehicle applications when additional warning light is needed
  • Weather and vibration proof the HB4PAK is easy to install, and comes with 14 pre-loaded flash patterns to help you warn drivers and pedestrians
  • Synchronize with multiple units for increased impact

Design Features:

  • Sold in pairs
  • 13 Flash Patterns and 1 Steady, Simultaneous or Alternating
  • 4 LEDs in a Polycarbonate Lens
  • Available in Red, Blue, White, and Amber
  • 9' cable with y connectors, 80" for light
  • Rubber gaskets eliminates water ingress
  • Flush mount with supplied grommet
  • L-shaped bracket mount available
  • Dimming Capability
  • Synchronous Capability


The M180 combines 3 lights into one compact form - Intersection Light, a Takedown Light, and a Ground Light - making it one of the most versatile lights ever offered by Code 3.

Design Features:

  • Delivers off-angle protection with 180 degree warning light
  • Provides flexibility with multiple mounting options, a low profile and narrow shape
  • Offers multicolor with multiple flash patterns, full steady burn in white and can be synchronized with other Code 3 products on the vehicle
  • Single color center section LEDs in blue, red, amber, white, green
  • Multicolor center section amber/white, blue/white, red/blue, red/white, blue/amber, red/amber
  • Custom brackets for all pursuit vehicles are available for under the side mirror, front of side mirror, and side window mounting
  • Over 30 brackets are available to allow mounting throughout the vehicle on pushbumpers, license plates and more
  • Bezels, and rear mounting holes are compatible with Code 3's MR6 light
  • 29 single color flash patterns
  • 69 multicolor flash patterns
  • Syncs with Chase, MR6, and Mega Thin LEDs

ION™ Wide Angle Series Super-LED® Universal Light

ION is a super-tough, ultra compact LED light that is perfect for mounting anywhere on your vehicle, inside or out. ION shrugs off moisture, salt, chemicals and road vibration while providing added light for off-road vehicles, industrial equipment, motorcycles, utility vehicles, marine and many other heavy-duty applications. Compact and versatile enough to mount in any small space on emergency and rescue equipment.


  • ION is a super-tough, water resistant, compact LED light that is perfect for inside/outside mounting anywhere on your vehicle.
  • Smallest and most effective Super-LED light on the market.
  • Available in universal or surface mount.
  • Standard and wide angle light spread models.
  • Universal mount includes combination permanent/pedestal, clip, edge mounts, double sided tape, with a choice of black or white housings.
  • Surface mount models include flange. Avaialbe in black, white or chrome.
  • Single color models have 25 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns, while split colors offer 69 flash patterns to choose from.
  • Synchronizable to other Whelen Synch products. • New bail bracket mount, optional.
  • 0.40 amps average at 12.8 VDC.
  • Supplied with 10" 4-wire pigtail.
  • Meets or exceeds SAEJ595 specifications.

L21 Series Super-LED® Encapsulated, Class 1, Polycarbonate Base

L21 Series Beacons are now Ecnapsulated and certified SAE Class 1. Utilizing new Broadband Energy Radiator™ Technology (patent pending), these solidstate beacons resemble traditional strobe beacons but with greater light output and lower amp draw. Best of all, the Super-LED light source has a rated life that exceeds that of comparable flash tubes by more than 50:1.


  • Fully encapsulated electronics are moisture and vibration resistant.
  • Amber low and high domes meet SAE J845 Class 1 360° certified specifications.
  • White/Clear high domes meet SAE Class 2.
  • Select 12 or 24 VDC.
  • Rated for thousands of hours use.
  • SmartLED® beacon design.
  • High or low dome.
  • Low current draw: 1.5 amp (peak), 0.6 amp (average) @12.8 VDC.
  • Polycarbonate base.
  • Virtually no EMI radiation.
  • Five year HDP Heavy-Duty Professional Warranty.


  • Permanent mount features 25 Scan-Lock™ alternating and simultaneous flash patterns, including steady-burn.
  • Combination mounting: 1" pipe, permanent or J-hook.
  • Supplied with 6" pigtail.
  • Synchronize with up to 8 beacons.
  • Photocell Hi/Low mode available, contact factory.


  • 75 SignalAlert™ flashes per minute standard, 25 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns to choose from.
  • Supplied with 10’ straight cord and cigar plug with LED "ON" indicator On/Off switch and pattern control selection switch.
  • 12 VDC models.
  • 80 lb. magnetic mounting base.
  • Magnetic and magnetic/suction mount models do not include cruise light, low power or SYNC functions.