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All the lightbars we carry are designed for installation on emergency response vehicles such as police cars, fire apparatus, ambulances, and wreckers. They are all custom ordered to your specifications and built to order. Lightbars come in all sizes from mini bars at 14"L to full size bars for wreckers and fire trucks at 72"L +. The vast variety of manufacturers that we carry are reliable, of high quality and well known in the industry. They carry full warranties per the manufacturer.


Pinnacle Series lightbars feature our innovative optics design, Fusion Technology, the first ever optics designed much like a lighthouse to boost the light farther & wider for a bright, safe warning signal. Super powerful Gen3 LED Takedown & Alley lights standard. Available with Low Profile Fixed Mount Brackets or Adjustable Mount Brackets in 4 lengths. The Pinnacle Lightbar is the cutting edge lightbar for Law Enforcement, Security, Fire, Tow/Municipal vehicle fleets or volunteer vehicles. Lightbar has a 5 Year No Hassle Warranty.


  • New! Now available in 72 inch length
  • Opticom Preemption Module for Pinnacle Lightbars. The High Priority 795H module has a low profile design & is compatible with all existing Opticom Infrared System equipment. For more than 35 years Global Traffic Technologies (GTT) has been giving emergency vehicles the green light to lower response time, reduce crashes & save lives. The 795H module features highly efficient LED infrared technology with low power consumption.
  • NEW! The Headache Mount Bracket (#PETLK05) are designed for mounting on vehicles with a headache bracket installed
  • Three bracket options available: Low Profile Fixed Height Bracket, innovative Adjustable Height Bracket or the newHeadache Mount Bracket
  • Low Profile Fixed Height Bracket is a stationary bracket that mounts the lightbar the closest to the roofline, around 3/4 inches on a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
  • The Adjustable Height Bracket is for maximum versatility with taller & larger vehicles such as SUVs, Command Vehicles, Buses or SWAT Vans to ensure a full warning signal - bracket allows up to 3 inches of height adjustment & tilts up to 2.5 degrees forward or backward
  • High Diode Split Rear Arrow Modules have double the LEDs (12 per module) for a "full" split arrow effect - every diode flashes in a solid warning or amber color.
  • Low Diode Split Arrow option illuminates every other diode each module along the length of the lightbar.
  • Designed with our exclusive Fusion Technology Optics designed much like a lighthouse to boost the light farther & wider for a bright, safe warning signal.
  • Standard with LED Alley & Take Down/Work Lights.
  • Lightbars are built with high bin, super bright Gen3 LEDs for powerful output & consistant color.
  • Inboard modules have 6 LEDs (except high diode split rear arrow modules mentioned above).
  • Corner Modules have 12 LEDs.
  • Take Down/Work Light modules have 6 LEDs.
  • Alley lights feature a high powered, multi-LED chip.
  • Available in Clear or Color Lenses in Blue, Red, Amber or Green (split Arrows are ONLY available in Clear Lens bars).
  • Lightbars are custom ordered to your specifications, please see the EPL9000 Order Form for details.
  • Standard lengths: 36, 42, 48, 54 & 60 inches.
  • Inboard module length is 6.3 inches.
  • 5 Year No Hassle Warranty.

Pinnacle Mini Lightbar (EPL7000)

Our new Pinnacle Series Lightbars feature our exclusive Fusion Technology optics. Fusion Technology fuses the wide angle and light output aspects for a super, wide angle output that blasts the light farther than any other light. The Pinnacle Mini Lightbar is perfect for volunteer fire & law enforcement vehicles and DOT/construction vehicles where a bright safety signal is required. Available in a Permanent or Magnetic Mount with 28 flash patterns. Lightbar has a Five Year No Hassle Warranty.

Benefits & Features:

  • NEW! Custom configurations now available
  • NEW! High Permanent Mount model is designed for use on larger vehicles to elevate the lightbar for maximum visibility & increased safety
  • Designed with our exclusive Fusion Technology optics which blasts the LED light farther & wider than any other optics available
  • Available in 3 mounting options: Magnetic Mount, Low Permanent Mount & High Permanent Mount
  • Magnetic Mount lightbar has 4 extra strong magnetic feet each with an 85 lb. pull each to prevent the bar from slipping or moving. Clear protective disks are supplied to cover the magnets to prevent scratching of the vehicle paint
  • Magnetic Mount includes a 12v cigar style plug with a 10 foot cord for easy installation - no hardwiring required - simply plug-in & go! Cigar Plug features a 3-position rocker switch for on/off & flash pattern advance
  • Features 28 dynamic, attention-grabbing Flash Patterns with 24 bright, reliable Gen3 LEDs
  • Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern used upon power up.
  • Five Year No Hassle Warranty

nFORCE LED Lightbar

An innovative solution that combines next generation design with attention grabbing performance. nFORCE incorporates dynamic angles, crisp edges and sleek silhouettes for a fresh and invigorated appearance. Say hello to the bold new looks of today’s police vehicles. With its minimized size, aerodynamic design and accentuated shapes, nFORCE took its visual cue from the sleek appearance and body styles of today’s new police vehicles.

Benefits & Features:

  • nFORCE LED Lightbar modules can be configured as single, dual or tri-color for maximum functionality
  • Inboard modules are available in single color 6 or 9 LEDs, dual color 12 LEDs or tri-color 18 LEDs
  • Corner modules are offered in single color 12 or 18 LEDs, dual color 24 LEDs or tri-color 30 LEDs
  • Lightbars with multi-color modules (dual or tri-color) that include white LED’s are capable of providing a full 360 degrees of intense scene lighting
  • Discrete rear-arrow control modules can be combined with warning colors for maximum functionality
  • Dedicated 6 LED takedowns and 3 LED alley lights are standard
  • Takedown modules can be designated anywhere on the light bar
  • Windows based PC application simplifies programming and enhances configurability and control
  • Use of PC application in conjunction with SoundOff Signal sirens simplifies install with “plug and play” RJ45 capability; save configuration time and enhance configurability by directly mapping siren buttons to lightbar functions
  • Other user configurable options include: cruise mode, front/rear/corner cutoff inputs, nighttime manual dimming, 32 programmable flash patterns, steady burn and stop/tail/turn


Improve Officer Safety and Efficiency Officers are constantly occupied with technology and other distractions that require a shift in concentration and a refocus of the eyes and hands. bluePRINT allows officers to stay focused on the task at hand while keeping their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Light and siren configurations are pre-programmed and prioritized to respond to emergency situations without the officer having to hastily determine which buttons and switches to activate while driving.

Eliminate Point-to-Point Wiring Each of these modules communicates over a serial data bus (multiplex). The Central Controller, the Remote Nodes, the Input Node, and the 200R Sirens all share a single wire bus that can run the length of the vehicle. This eliminates the need for point-to-point wiring between lighting and siren components. Separate LIN data bus connections are provided for plug-and-play compatibility with existing SoundOff Signal Exterior Lightbars, nForce Interior Lightbars/Traffic Arrows, and Siren components.

Improve System Reliability and Convenience Current switching within the Central Controller and Remote Nodes uses Solid State Transistors to eliminate mechanical switching. Relays and other electro-mechanical components are often the most frequent failure within a switching system. Most are incapable of detecting faults and can be damaged by wiring faults such as an over-current. Solid State switching offers the advantage of no moving parts, no arc bridging, and self-diagnostic capabilities.

nFORCE Interior LED Lightbar

Benefits & Features:

  • The nFORCE Interior LED Lightbar is powered by Nexus Technology to deliver intense forward and off-axis illumination
  • Lower profile than competing lightbars for less windshield and personal obstruction
  • Inboard LED module options: any combination of single color 6 or 9 LED, dual color 12 LED or tri-color 18 LED counts
  • “All white” forward facing modules option for intense scene lighting
  • Manual dimming capability for nighttime use
  • Cruise mode
  • Several specific models for all leading sedans, SUV’s and trucks
  • Universal model with adjustable mounting brackets accommodate most windshield angles for even greater compatibility with different vehicle models
  • Windows PC App software for ease of programming
  • Takedown modules can be designated anywhere on the lightbar
  • Discrete arrow control (rear deck only)

RX 2700CC MC

Code 3 proudly introduces the RX 2700™ CC with MultiColor (MC) Capability. This dual color lightbar uses the latest LED dual color technology to provide intense color that is 20% brighter than any competitive MultiColor technology.


  • Two full signals out of one lighthead – No more compromising signal strength and size by splitting a LED lighthead to get two colors
  • Turn a red/blue lighthead into a white takedown. This provides increased takedown lighting at no additional cost or loss of emergency warning positions
  • When MultiColor is used in the rear, red/blue modules can change directly to a full size

Design Features:

  • MultiColor LED Modules (Red/Blue, Red/White, Red/Amber, Blue/Amber)
  • 22 LED PriZm II Lightheads in each Corner Position (Red/Blue only)
  • 22 LED (R/B only) or 16 LED Directional PriZm II Lightheads in Front and Rear Positions
  • 900 (default) or 950 Flash Pattern Software

Design Features for Single Color:

  • Red, Blue, White, Amber or Green LEDs
  • 12 LED PriZm II Lightheads in each Corner Position
  • 12 LED, 8 LED or 3 LED Directional PriZm II Lightheads in Front and Rear Positions
  • 600 (default) or 800 Flash Pattern Software

Design Features for Both Single and MultiColor:

  • One Touch Setting/Changing of Flash Patterns
  • Flasher/Steady Burn Feature for Takedown and Alley Lights
  • LED Dimming Feature Corner Cruise Lights
  • Built-In


DThe Next Generation Lightbar The spectacular design of the Pursuit lightbar from Code 3 reimagines what an emergency lightbar should be. The lightbar features two complete levels of lighting in the height of a single-level lightbar. Pursuit has unlimited flash patterns and a convenient interface for easy, customizable programming. Now available with lower level red and blue LEDs and a low profile mounting kit.

Design Features:

  • Two unique levels of lighting in a 3" high lightbar
  • Single color upper LEDs are available in red, blue, or amber
  • Powerful lower level LEDs can be used as takedowns, alley, ArrowStik®, flashing and intersection lights and are available in red, blue, white, or amber
  • C3 Pro™ interface allows users to program unlimited flash pattern options
  • Corner intersection sweeping flash pattern for lower level lights
  • Integrated lens sealing system increases the longevity of the lightbar by preventing water ingress
  • Encapsulated control electronics for easy lighthead replacement
  • Serial network control: simplifies routing and installation with a thin, flexible wiring harness
  • PC programming software
  • Internal wiring channels neatly contain wires and eliminates pinched wires

WingmanFlex series

Design Features:

  • Universal curve allows the WingMan Flex Series to fit all Police and Special Service sedans
  • Three different lengths: Long (8 Head & 6 Head LEDs), Short (4 Head LEDs), and Mini (2 Head LEDs)
  • Available with new Central Controller board
  • Exceptionally bright Torus™ LED technology
  • Simple design allows WingMan Flex Series to fit most rear decks
  • Virtually undetectable from outside the vehicle – perfect for undercover work
  • Gaskets eliminate flashback into driver’s eyes
  • Perfect complement to the SuperVisor Flex front windshield interior light
  • Set of universal L brackets included
  • Available in Single Color, MultiColor, or Multi/Single Color combinations
  • Pursuit Vehicle brackets for the Interceptor Sedan, Charger, Impala and Caprice
  • Central Controller is standard. Independent Flashing is optimal for single color versions

Defender Lightbar

AVAILABLE NOW!! The new Defender with QuadCore is an exciting advancement of our Defender series lightbar.

Design Features:

  • Single and MultiColor in Red, Blue, Amber, White, or Red/Blue, Red/White, Blue/White, Red/Amber, Amber/White
  • 3” Single Color (6 LED) and MultiColor (12 LED) Lightheads Available
  • 6” Single Color (12 LED) and MultiColor (24 LED) Lightheads Available
  • Alleys and Scene
  • New Flash Pattern Software (1000 Single/1050 MultiColor)
  • One Touch Setting/Changing of Flash Patterns
  • Flasher/Steady Burn Feature for Work Lights and Scene Lights
  • Dimming Feature
  • Built-In NarrowStik Function

Supervisor Interior Lightbar

Torus MultiColor technology, as seen in our 21TR Plus lightbar, is now available in our SuperVisor interior windshield light for select vehicles.

Design Features:

  • Bright Torus LED MultiColor Technology
  • 18 LEDs per Lighthead Available in Red/White, Blue/White, Amber/White, Red/Blue, Red/Amber, and Blue/Amber
  • SuperVisor Control Box is designed to set flash patterns
  • Contoured for custom installation against the upper interior of windshield between the sun visor and glass
  • Vehicle Specific Design (see Models tab)
  • Outstanding Flash Pattern Selection
  • Available for the Caprice, Tahoe, PI Utility and Sedan, Charger and Impala (see Models tab)

Liberty TRIO II

All Linear-LED™ lightbar featuring the next generation of ultra bright, ultra wide-angle LED technology. Four Extended Corner Linear-LEDs adds increased lighting coverage to each side of the lightbar. Add up to 12 "LINEAR LED" directional modules, for a total of 16 linear LED modules.Build your lightbar in any color combination with take-downs and LED modules in any position you want. Sleek aerodynamic profile with state-of-the-art optics.


  • Four Extended Corner Linear-LEDs adds increased lighting coverage to each side of the lightbar.
  • Add up to12 "LINEAR LED" directional modules, for a total of 16 linear LED modules.
  • All Linear-LED™ lightbar featuring the next generation of ultra bright, ultra wide-angle LED technology
  • Build your lightbar in any color combination with take-downs and LED modules in any position you want
  • Sleek aerodynamic profile with state-of-the-art optics
  • Optoinal halogen take-downs and alley lights.
  • Optional five or six Linear Traffic Advisor™ with ultra high intensity Linear LED modules.
  • Clear outer lenses are standard, optional color lenses are available
  • Lightheads are driven by an all electronic module that provides proper input power and choice of flash patterns. You are assured of equal light intensity fron each lighthead through a voltage range of 10-16 VDC.
  • ScanLock™ allows you to scan through ten flash patterns and lock in the desired pattern. Every pair of lights can have it’s own unique pattern.
  • All models exceed SAE requirements
  • Extruded aluminum chassis provides superb strength and stability
  • Slightly wider footprint provides greater stability and weight distribution on the thinner roofconstruction of today’s vehicles
  • All LED modules feature new wide angle design for increases performance
  • Low "LC" Current operation uses a small diameter external cable harness for operation with standard or low current switch controls or micro switches
  • Pre-wired with 15’ passenger side cable exit
  • Optional driver side cable exit available

Legacy™ Series

Whelen’s sharper EDGE®!
Reminiscent of the classic Edge in a new style design, Legacy was designed from the rugged extrusion up to maximize the performance of the hottest LED on the market.


  • Lower profile than the Liberty but with increased intensity puts the Legacy a step ahead of all other lightbars on the market today.
  • Height without mounting feet is only 1-5/8”.
  • New Diamond Optix™ (Patent Pending) linear reflector optic design.
  • Newly designed, high-output one-piece linear combo “Multi-Angled” corner modules produce light for-ward and rear and at the critical 45° angles. The four combo modules produce 360° warning signal.
  • All warning lightheads are True DUO+, whether one color or two. Each segment can be operated inde-pendently or at the same time, creat-ing the first true DUO lightbar, with-out loss of intensity. Ideal when you want to run a Traffic Advisor™ and rear warning at the same time, giving the performance of two lightbars in one.
  • Whelen’s exclusive Collimator™ patented design captures, collects and focuses light for unbeaten light output.
  • Optional take-downs are available in 3-LED or 6-LED modules.
  • and much more...